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Marvin  Mack. 

Based in Brooklyn, New York, USA


Marvin Mack is a director, producer, and editor with ten years of experience in video production. He has worked with some of the top brands in digital media, Group Nine, Buzzfeed, Thrillist, and Fader.

His approach to filmmaking has always been quite hands-on, given his background in post-production and graphic design. Whether it's writing episodic content, directing talent for a branded video, editing viral Facebook videos, or helping jr producers craft better narratives, for Marvin, it's all about creating a captivating story. 

He started his career as a musician. As a young college student, he could not afford to pay a director for a quality music video. With his grandfather's camera, he began to shoot music videos for himself and his friends. His music videos quickly gained popularity for there unique storytelling and graphic esthetics.


As Marvin started to turn his love for music and videos into profit, he created a small agency called Cyclops Club. Symbolizing the act of shutting one eye to look through a viewfinder. Like most in the industry, he worked his way up by Shooting and editing videos for events, PSA's, Short films, and music videos. Before his move into digital media and marketing, Marvin got his foot in the door by working as an intern at a Philadelphia equipment rental company and production house, followed by a short stint as a Multimedia teacher for a Philadelphia high school. There, he taught his students the fundamentals of video production through acts of self-expression and storytelling.

Marvin has a B.A. in Graphic Design from The University of the Art in Philadelphia and continues to produce, direct, and edit short films and music videos in his spare time. Marvin is a member of the Writers Guild East and is currently consulting companies looking to build video departments and viral content. 

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